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Meet Cameron
Owner & Instructor - Emotional Wellness Practitioner

I've always had a deep love for candles. Today, I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I've spent an insane amount of money on candle products over the years. Lighting a candle (or four) became my relaxation ritual, as I found them incredibly soothing and calming. I was drawn to the combination of candles and cleanliness, which created an emotional connection and, embarrassingly, led to a massive collection of candles!

After reviewing my credit card statement and enduring a few judgmental remarks from my son, I decided to embark on a journey to learn how to make my own candles. Through this adventure, I stumbled upon a not-so-fragrant truth: most store-bought candles are hiding toxic secrets; they contain carcinogens! This discovery deepened my desire to master the complicated science of candle-making.

Simultaneously, I completed a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with the goal of becoming a therapist for underserved populations. As I learned about mindfulness and self-care, I began to incorporate them into my candle-making process. The merger of these two ideas, improving positive mental health outcomes and the art of candle-making, is where Scentsational Encounters was born. Who knew that a desire for cancer-free air and a penchant for tranquility could lead to this aromatic journey?

I look forward to meeting you all - both personally and virtually!

Scentsationally yours,


Owner / Instructor

Emotional Wellness Practitioner

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