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Inspiring Self-Care Through Candle-Making Experiences


Video Overview

This video provides an overview of the Scentsational Encounters experience!

Curated Candle-Making Experiences

At Scentsational Encounters, our mission is to empower individuals to prioritize self-care and emotional wellness through the transformative art of candle-making. For us, candle-making is not just a craft; it can be used as a vessel for self-discovery, mindfulness, and personal growth. Our purpose is to kindle the inner light within each person, creating a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

Through our immersive cand... Read more

Creatively Unique

At Scentsational Encounters, our mission is to promote self-care and emotional wellness through the creative candle-making process, utilizing only non-toxic ingredients. This is not your typical candle-making session as our goal is to unleash your creativity and help foster a deeper connection within yourself. 

How do we do that? It starts by providing your candle canvas, which will serve as your personal vessel during the experience. You w... Read more

Business Highlights

Veteran Owned
Non-Toxic Products
Handcrafted Items
Family Friendly
Debit & Credit Cards accepted
Good for children


Markettea Smith

Fun and entertaining class. I love how the process of making the candles brought out the playful, competitive side of the other attendees. There were laughs, jokes and good energy all the way ...

Quin BlkQueen Olowookere

My family and I really enjoyed ourselves. The class was really nice and very informative. We'll definitely be coming back. 

Rita Anglin

I had a great time decorating and personalizing my candle. The experience was cool! Cameron was knowledgeable on the candle making process and his energy was fun and positive. I will be back ...